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The wedding ceremony has concluded and soon the reception will begin. Wedding receptions feature the newlyweds first dance, picture taking, dinner and more dancing, the cake cutting, and another critical aspect - the various wedding speeches! Speeches are usually given by the best man, maid of honor, and the father of the bride. Wedding speeches (particularly from the best man and maid of honor) contain a mixture of sentiment and humor. It is extremely important that the speaker properly prepares and rehearses the speech prior to the wedding. The speaker must make certain to maintain an appropriate balance between being serious and being funny. Any humorous jokes must be said in good taste. For example, the best man should refrain from discussing about any of the groom's former sexual conquests, as this may upset the bride and her parents.

The typical wedding speech usually last about 5 minutes and contains approximately 700 words. These speeches have various components. The best man's speech will be used as an example here. At the beginning of the speech, the best man starts off by thanking those in attendance and acknowledging the efforts of the wedding party. The best man will then mention how he first met the groom if he is a friend or other non-relative. Between giving factual information, the best man will likely share a funny anecdote or two involving himself and the groom. As previously stated, the best man shouldn't go overboard with the jokes and humor! The best man will discuss the circumstances about how the groom first met the bride. The best man will talk about how the newlywed's relationship developed over time. The positive attributes of both the groom and bride will be listed. The best man will follow that up with some serious and humorous marital advice. The best man will close out his speech by offering a toast to the newlyweds.

A maid of honor speech is similar in many ways to the best man speech, with the primary focus being on the bride. Father of the bride speeches tend to be more sentimental with a little humor sprinkled in. In his speech, the bride's father usually extends a special thanks to the groom's parents for assisting with the wedding planning and/or for raising a fine son. The father then goes on to reflect about his relationship with his daughter from when she was small through the present. The father also offers marital advice to the newlyweds. Like the best man and maid of honor, the bride's father ends his speech with a toast.

Wedding speeches are an important element toward making any wedding successful. Heartfelt and appropriately funny speeches will help to create lasting memories for the newlyweds on their special day!